Endzone to Endzone Without Injury – Avoiding the Most Common Football Injuries

High school, college, professional, pee wee—America’s love of football has no age limit.  Whether you’re cheering for a new generation from the stands or actively striving for that championship ring, our national pastime can come at a painful cost. While the heavy hitters and professionals are at the greatest risk, even Thanksgiving quarterbacks playing in […]

Back to School Without Back Pain – Avoiding Common Backpack Injuries

As a parent of young students or an adult enrolled in additional education, you know that hitting the books can sometimes feel like hitting the gym. Hauling the necessary texts from class to class can sometimes cost you more than the price of tuition or those new study supplies. The common backpack has its advantages, […]

Making a Smarter Splash – How to Avoid Common Swimming Injuries

If you’re trying to stay in shape or just have some summertime fun, swimming can be the perfect pastime—especially if you suffer from joint or muscle pains. Famous for being low-impact and accessible for all ages, swimming can play a vital role in cardiovascular, muscular, and respiratory health. But despite its relative ease when compared […]

Exercising with Arthritis – 4 Joint-Approved Ways to Stay in Shape

We’re seldom more creative than when we’re inventing excuses to avoid our weekly exercise routine. From impending appointments we “just can’t miss,” to the quality of the weather outside (even if you’re going to the gym), we can be masters of wriggling out from the activity we know we need. Of all the reasons we […]

How Hidden Orthopaedic Injuries Can Impact Your Golf Game

Something feels off on the links. Your swing has soured, and you’re just not…up to par. But is it all really in your head? Or could it be a genuine medical problem amplified over time? Even the pros at Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons know that our golf game can be affected by injuries and ailments as […]

“Pre”habilitation – The Key to Quick Surgery Recovery

Recovering from surgery—especially hip surgery—can be a boring, painful affair. Between the pills, the drowsiness, and the doctor-ordered rest, it’s only natural to feel a little powerless when recovering from an operation. But what if there was something you could do beforehand that would shorten your recovery period, reduce pain, and get you up and […]

Recovering at Home – The Dos and Don’ts after Surgery

The decision to undertake corrective surgery can be a big one. Between scheduling time off and arranging for at-home care, there’s pain to plan for and other hardships to consider. As scary as surgery can be, for some orthopaedic injuries it remains one of the best solutions.  And while the doctors, nurses, and diligent hospital […]

Why Your Joints Ache in the Cold and What You Can Do About It

Much like outer-space, not everything is known about the human body’s inner-space. Like any ecosystem, the human body responds to changes and external factors in occasionally unpredictable ways. Catching a flu in the rain, knee pain before a storm, popping ears and tornadoes touching down—the body’s responses to weather range from scientifically accurate to folk-wisdom […]