5 Reasons Why You Should Visit An Orthopedic Surgeon

With over 300 bones in your body, it’s important to treat them right and keep them healthy. When even just one bone or joint is not working properly, you could suffer immense discomfort. An orthopedic surgeon’s job is to diagnose treat and care for your bones. Here are five reasons to have one on call. […]

Choosing An Orthopedic Surgeon

Joint problems usually require a visit to an orthopedic surgeon. But to be sure that you choose the right one, you must do proper research beforehand. Here’s how to select the best orthopedic surgeon for your case. Identify The Best Treatment for You You will be offered many programs. How do you know which one […]

The Importance of Physical Therapy After Surgery

After undergoing surgery of any kind, patients should seek help from a professional physical therapist to speed up recovery. A physical therapist can help you reach your health goals and improve your well-being. But how exactly does a physical therapist help patients, and what are the different methods being used today? Let’s take a closer […]

Signs of a Herniated Disc

Severe back pain is a symptom of many ailments, but depending on the portion of your spine that is in pain, disc herniation might be the cause. Here are the three main sections of your spine and what you should know about the symptoms so that you can get adequate treatment. 1. The Cervical Spine […]

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Reverse total shoulder replacement can help relieve your pain if you have a long-term shoulder injury or arthritis in your shoulder. In this type of surgery, a surgeon removes your damaged upper arm and shoulder bones and replaces them with artificial components that allow your shoulder to function normally. The placement of the artificial ball […]

Fracture Care

Fracture care helps broken bones to heal in the correct position, ensuring that function is restored to your damaged body part. There are several different types of bone fractures, so it is important to get care that is appropriate to the type of injury you have. Let’s take a look at the different types of […]

Guide to Prepare For Foot & Ankle Surgery

If you require foot & ankle surgery, what is the best way to prepare? Here is a simple, quick guide to help you: The Day Before the Surgery · Pre-testing A pre-admission testing will be done to determine your physical fitness level. This will include blood samples, heart and chest x-rays, and a full physical […]

FAQ’s on Hip Replacement Recovery

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on hip replacement recovery:   What kind of pain medication will I be able to take after my procedure? After surgery, a simple oral pain medication is often needed to relieve moderate levels of pain. Since pain levels differ from patient to patient, your surgeon will need to assess your condition to […]

Shoulder Replacement Recovery Time

Complete Shoulder Replacement A Complete or total shoulder replacement is a surgery to alleviate pain and improve function to the injured or arthritic shoulder. Surgeons will replace the damaged upper arm bone and shoulder bone or sometimes line them with special metals or plastic depending on the patient’s circumstance. The most common reasons for this surgery are […]

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery – What You Need to Know

If you suffer from severe knee pain, you may be considering knee replacement surgery. While there are great benefits to this surgery, many patients wonder about the recovery period and everything involved. Today we will go over the “need to knows” for knee replacement surgery recovery and key surgery benefits. Knee Replacement Surgery Benefits -Increase […]