Orthopedic Specialties in Birmingham, AL


The physicians at Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons have over 60 years of combined experience, offering treatment for a range of orthopaedic issues with surgical and non-surgical options available. With a welcoming, family atmosphere, established, new, and walk-in patients are welcomed daily. Immediate emergency care is also available.

Treatment of Arthritis ConditionsTreatment of Arthritic Conditions

We provide arthritis treatment options for foot, ankle, wrist, hand, knee, spine, elbow, and shoulder issues.

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Joint ReplacementTotal Joint Replacements

We offer professional replacement procedures for shoulders, hips, and knees using modern techniques and the latest technology.

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Fractures and Soft Tissue TraumaFractures and Soft Tissue Trauma

When dealing with a bone fracture or a soft tissue injury involving the muscle, ligaments, or tendons, we can provide surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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Treatment of Sports InjuriesTreatment of Sports Injuries

Athletes exert their bodies on a regular basis, which often leads to orthopaedic issues such as strains, sprains, shin splints, and tendonitis. Our physicians are experts with current treatment options to get you back on the playing field.

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Spine SurgerySpine Surgery

Dealing with spinal issues can be a very delicate process. Our physicians offer assistance with fractures, herniated disks, and general back pain. Find out the types of spine surgery we offer when you should consider surgery and spinal surgery alternatives.

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Foot & Ankle SurgeryFoot and Ankle Surgery

Sprains, tears, or breaks in your foot or ankle can make moving around difficult. With our surgical experience, we can help restore comfort and mobility to your lower extremities.

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Hand SurgeryGeneral Hand Surgery

Being able to use your hands comfortably is an important part of daily life. Using modern techniques and medicine, we can help restore the integrity of your hand or hands.

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Choosing An Orthopedic Surgeon, Arthroscopic SurgeryArthroscopic Surgery

With the advancement in medical technology, procedures are becoming less and less invasive. Our staff is trained to perform arthroscopic procedures to help repair nagging injuries.

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Shoulder SurgeryShoulder Surgery

Shoulder pain as a result of a tear, sprain, or break can generate a lot of daily discomforts. Allow us to restore mobility through treatment or surgical procedures.

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Additional Services

  • On-Site Comprehensive Physical Therapy – Our physical therapists can help our patients recuperate from a wide variety of injuries.
  • Joint Replacement Educational Classes – If you are planning on having a joint replacement, attending these classes will help you prepare for the surgery, both before and after. Our staff will answer questions and address concerns you have about the process.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  • Braces
  • Splints

Our physicians and nursing staff are committed to providing comprehensive care for any orthopedic issues you may have. To set up your appointment and receive more information, fill out our patient forms today.