When You Need An Orthopedic Knee Specialist


knee replacement professionalIf you’ve been injured or are experiencing chronic pain in your knee, you know how important it is to see a specialist who understands your condition inside and out. At Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons, we put more than 60 years of experience to work to help you regain stability, strength and function in your damaged knee.

Sports Injury Treatment

If you or your child gets injured during sports or other physical activities, you want effective treatment right away. At Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons we often choose to start with conservative, noninvasive therapies such as rest, medication and physical therapy before moving on to surgery. Whether you’ve suffered a dislocation, a fracture or soft tissue injury to your ACL, muscles or cartilage, we focus on reducing pain, restoring strength and mobility and repairing damage. If an orthopedic surgeon determines surgery is necessary, we always turn to minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery first.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, scar tissue buildup, damage within a joint or a severe fracture, arthroscopic surgery is often our treatment of choice. At Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons, we want to treat you in the most minimally invasive way possible, giving you the best chance to heal without major side effects and to prevent long-term damage. We stay up to date on advances in medical technology in arthroscopic surgery so you can avoid conventional surgery whenever possible.

Total Knee Replacement

Whether you have a joint disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or you’ve been in a debilitating accident, sometimes a joint replacement is what you need to provide you with knee function again. At Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons, we have the experience to help you make the right decision regarding knee surgery, and we only recommend total joint replacement after you’ve tried medical treatment and therapy without success. When you need this surgery to restore function, we have the experience to bring you the relief you seek.

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