Patient Testimonials in Birmingham, AL


Why Choose Us? - Birmingham, AL - Alabama Orthopaedic SurgeonsAt Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons, we pride ourselves on the level of specialized care we bring to our patients. Between them our providers have more than 60 years of experience to call upon for the diagnosis and treatment of arthritic conditions, soft tissue trauma, sports injuries, fractures and more. Whether for the quality of our services, or the welcoming atmosphere of our office, our previous patients have much to say regarding their experiences with Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons of Birmingham, AL. See for yourself by reading the testimonials below what patients think of our services.

– My experience with the CRNP was excellent. She was extremely pleasant, informative and excellent care.

– I am very pleased with Dr. Hodges because he listens to me when I tell him what’s going on and how I feel.

– I do not think you could possibly improve on the service. All the staff was courteous, helpful and efficient. They even sent me perfect directions as I live out of town. Dr. Cobb was superb and knowledgeable. He was very concerned for my welfare. He has a good bedside manner and seems to really care.

– This provider was very professional. He seems as if he is really concerned about what is going with me and determined to get me well.

– If I shattered my other hip. I will ONLY use you and Dr. Cobb. Such professional care and kindness. All needs taken care of. You people are wonderful. Thank you and God bless.

– I love Dr. Ambrosia, and his assistant and the staff at the office.

– I love Dr. Slappey, I would recommend him to anyone.

– Dr. Hodges and staff are the best. I highly recommend him to everyone.

– Dr. Spain Hodges is an awesome doctor – a few years ago he diagnosed my back/leg problem with just two in-depth visits. He listened and was able to figure out the problem – even with my convoluted description. I had been to several other doctors, and had many pain blocks. This excruciating pain went on for two years. As stated, 2 visits and a set-down MRI? He nailed the problem; had sx and bingo!!!!! About 5 years later I developed more pain. Went to him, same routine, and he found that the disc ABOVE the ones he fixed, decided to jump the tracks. Again, surgery was needed. I cannot believe how AWESOME and GREAT I feel!!!!!!!!! He is a wonderment and St. Vincent’s is blessed, lucky and fortunate to have such a brilliant, skillful, kind and caring doctor – describing him is like trying to explain the ocean in just one word. I recommend him to people I know who need such a grade A doctor!

– I recommend Dr. Cool and his staff to everyone.

– Great place, great doctors.

– Dr. Ambrosia is by far the best doctor I have seen.

– I have no complaints. I give a “10 best rating” for Dr. Cobb and his staff. They showed the professional side of being with me through my hospital stay and in follow up visits in his office. They went beyond being good doctors/nurses. They showed kindness better than anyone that I have ever experienced in a shattered hip accident with hip replacement surgery!!! You people are wonderful. May all of you be blessed with your acts of kindness and generosity.

– Dr. Hodges and his staff are the best!! Hands down.

– Praise God for Dr. Cool and his team. They know what to do and how to do it!

– I have used this physician for many years. I find him very efficient and his staff very nice and caring.

– Dr. Ambrosia operated on my shoulder with 3 breaks doing an excellent job. He put in a plate and screws to correct the damage I did in a fall. My pain level afterwards was so low I have been amazed. I feel his expertise and professionalism is far above what I could expect and his ‘bedside manner’ was exceptional.

– Dr. Hodges is wonderful and Christy is so good at what she does. I couldn’t ask for better care. Thank you so much.

– I have already recommended Dr. Ambrosia and the staff at A.O.S.

– Best experience at a doctor’s office ever.

– I’m very glad that I was referred to Dr. Hodges. Everyone that I’ve dealt with has been extremely personable and professional.

– Dr. Cool and his staff have been wonderful.

– I cannot say enough about my doctor. He was kind… very caring and professional.

– Dr. Jason Cobb is a great person he made me feel comfortable and was very attentive to my needs. I feel strongly that I will get the help I need. And the staff was wonderful as well.

– Great service!!!